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28 September 2021 Here is our Autumn newsletter – plenty to think about – and act on, with articles on the ‘Healthy Neighbourhood’ scheme, asphalt pavements and more…

Chamberlayne Road Closure

Chamberlayne Road will be closed between Harvist Road and Banister Road from 27th May 2021 for at least 39 days for emergency gas works. Here are the bus diversions:

Route 6

Towards Aldwych From Donnington Road, right All Souls Avenue, at R’about ahead Wrottesley Road, left Harrow Road, left Kilburn Lane, ahead Chamberlayne Road, right Banister Road, Onto LOR.  

Towards Willesden From Banister Road, left Chamberlayne Road, ahead Kilburn Lane, right Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, at R’about Exit All Souls Avenue, ahead All Souls Avenue, At R’about, left Sidmouth Road, left Donnington Road, Onto LOR.  

Route 28 (Now Curtailed)

Towards Kensal Rise From Harrow Road, alight all passengers at Bus Stop point letter V, left Ladbroke Grove, circumnavigate R’about and come back onto Ladbroke Grove, turn right onto Harrow Road, Stand at Bus Stop point letter Z  

Towards Wandsworth From stand Bus Stop point letter Z, ahead Harrow Road, Onto LOR.  

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Route 52

Towards Willesden From Ladbroke Grove, left Harrow Road, ahead Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, at R’about exitonto All Souls Avenue, ahead All Souls Avenue, left Onto LOR.

Towards Victoria From Sidmouth Road, ahead All Souls Avenue, at R’about ahead Wrottesley Road, left Harrow Road, ahead Harrow Road, right Ladbroke Grove, Onto LOR.  

Route 187

Towards Finchley Road From Wrottesley Road, at R’about ahead Wrottesley Road, left Harrow Road, ahead Harrow Road, left Kilburn Lane, ahead Chamberlayne Road, right Banister Road, Onto LOR.  

Towards Central Middlesex Hospital From Banister Road, left Chamberlayne Road, ahead Kilburn Lane, right Harrow Road, ahead Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, ahead Wrottesley Road, Onto LOR.  

Route 302 (both directions) Normal line of route.  

Route 316 (both directions) Normal line of route  

Route 452 (Now Curtailed at Sainsbury’s)

Towards Kensal Rise From Ladbroke Grove, left into Sainsbury’s, alight passengers, curtail & stand at Sainsbury’s.  

Towards Wandsworth From Sainsbury’s, right Ladbroke Grove, Onto LOR.

Update following the meeting with Cllr Shama Tatler, Lead Member for Regeneration, Property & Planning, Brent Councillors and Brent Highways Officers on 22nd September 2020

Kensal Rise Residents Association (KRRA) expressed two main concerns about the proposed Low Traffic/Healthy Neighbourhood for the Queen’s Park area.

These were reinforced by similar comments from residents and other Residents Associations in the Queen’s Park ward:  

1) Disappointment at the lack of consultation before the TfL-imposed implementation date of 30th September 2020; and  

2) A lack of conviction that the plans will achieve the desired improvements – reductions in obesity through increased walking and cycling, reduced congestion, improved air quality, and safer roads for cyclists and pedestrians.  

Compared to what the Council had in their draft scheme, Phase 1 will now involve the closure of one street – Tiverton. However, the other five closures – Kingswood Avenue, The Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Chevening, and Hanover Roads – remain on the table as future options.  

KRRA stressed the importance of accurate traffic and air quality measurements to assess the impact of the scheme – though any measurements over the coming months will be skewed by the impact of the Ladbroke Grove/Harrow Road works (to the end of the year) and changed driving patterns due to Covid-19, making it difficult to isolate the effects of the scheme.  

Post the meeting, and in an email to KRRA Chair, Chris Martin, Cllr Shama Tatler said:   “Due to the nature of the conditions attached to the funding we are having to move at speed but rest assured nothing no decisions will be taken on any scheme becoming permanent without consultation and engagement with residents. It is a crucial element for us.We are still learning with this way of working and we are committed to more dialogue with you and residents”.  

KRRA wants to work constructively with the Council, Officers, and Residents Associations in the ward to develop a scheme that actually works for both the neighbourhoods of Queen’s Park ward – Kensal Rise and Queen’s Park – and is supported by their respective residents.

Brent Council’s Plans to bring traffic chaos to Kensal Rise – 21 September 2020

You will no doubt have seen the leaked proposal from Brent Council to introduce a Low Traffic/Healthy Neighbourhood scheme to Kensal Rise.

This involves blocking six roads in the area – Mount Pleasant/Hanover/Tiverton/Chevening/The Avenue and Kingswood – which will push more traffic onto the already overcrowded Chamberlayne and Salusbury.

Not to mention the additional pollution from the stationary vehicles who will be held up in the inevitable tailbacks.

This could not have come at a worse time, with the current work on the Ladbroke Grove/Harrow Road/Kilburn Lane junction due to continue till the end of the year.

KRRA have been liaising with the other residents associations affected – particularly APRATA, QPARA and KTRA – and we have submitted our comments to the Council.

The petition against the plans currently has nearly 2,000 signatures! Sign it at

As noted on social media a few days ago, there is a virtual meeting on 22nd September with Brent Council.

COVID-19 UPDATE – 2 April 2020

Kensal Rise Residents’ Association (KRRA) NW10
Dear Members,
I hope you’re well.
During this period of uncertainty, keeping in touch with neighbours is important and therefore very much encouraged by the Kensal Rise Residents’ Association (KRRA).
The KRRA is pleased to hear that some streets in its coverage area have already formed street specific WhatsApp Groups.
These emerging groups are brilliant for bringing neighbours together, allowing them to “meet” and make new connections, chat, share recipes, tips etc. But more importantly, they are proving to be an important channel for neighbours to keep an eye on each other during this period of great uncertainty, boost morale, lift spirits (“we are all in it together”), and asking for help with say essential food shopping should one fall ill.
If your street has a WhatsApp Group, do email us and let us know for which street, please?! Or you may want to form one; but don’t know who else on your street wants to do the same, email too! We can help connect you with your neighbours through KRRA’s facebook page. Kindly direct your emails to our KRRA Secretary at
In addition to encouraging you to form street-specific WhatsApp groups, I wanted to let you know that I, along with Barbara Want (KRRA Treasurer) and Fiona Mulaisho (KRRA Secretary), have been meeting weekly with our two Queens Park Ward councillors (Cllr Neil Nerva and Cllr Eleanor Southwood), and representatives from Queens Park Area Residents’ Association (QPARA), Giles Deards and Diane Feeney.
The purpose of these meetings, which are still continuing, have been to formulate Queens Park Ward’s response to Covid-19 at the grassroots level, and especially in regard to reaching out to the most vulnerable groups in our ward.
These meetings are proving to be useful for our councillors who, like the KRRA, QPARA, Giles and Diane are trying to build up a picture of the coverage of street-level connectivity, and identify gaps and hopefully connect us with what Brent Council are doing.
If you are looking for help or need help because of Covid-19, Giles has developed an excellent website ( with lots of useful information for Kensal Rise and Queens Park residents. Help can be in the form of:
• Picking up shopping; • A friendly phone call; • Posting mail; • Urgent supplies; • Pet/dog walking; and • Hot meals.
The link to KensalQueens Park website is: Facebook page:
Under the umbrella of Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, Diane is doing a sterling job of recruiting volunteers to assist vulnerable residents in the Queens Park area. Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK is a group of volunteers supporting local community groups during the Covid-19 outbreak. Its focus is on providing resources and connecting people to their nearest local groups, willing volunteers and those in need. If you would like to become a volunteer for the Queens Park area, please email Diane via
All three of our Queens Park Ward councillors are also ready to help if you need help because of Covid-19. Their contact details are as follows: Councillor Neil Nerva Email Mobile: 07721 233057 Councillor James Denselow Email Mobile 07932 607711 Councillor Eleanor Southwood Email Mobile 07721 233046 Letters can be sent to c/o Labour Group Office, Brent Civic Centre, Engineers Way, Wembley, HA9 OFJ
Finally, the government’s continued guidance on Social Distancing – keeping a distance of 2 metres between each other – is that the over 70s, people with hearth, lung, stroke, blood pressure problems and pregnant women need to take special care.
Data from China, South Korea and Singapore, shows the over 70s and people with the abovementioned conditions group should not be shopping; or getting their medications in any situation where full distancing of 2 metres cannot be maintained.
That’s why the KRRA believes street-specific WhatsApp Groups are very important, as they can connect vulnerable people with their neighbours, who can then keep an eye on them; or help them with essential tasks i.e. food shopping or posting mail. That’s why volunteers are needed, and if you are interested please remember to email Diane via
For now, I bid you farewell and good health. Stay safe and keep your distance to stay well!
Best wishes,
Chris Martin Chair, Kensal Rise Residents’ Association (KRRA)

KRRA_Connecting Neighbours

Kensal Corridor Proposal:

The KRRA response, opposing the changes as proposed, is here: 190731_KRRA response to consultation_FINAL_i_A_Brent Council

AGM – Wednesday 5th June 2019.

The meeting scheduled for the 8th May has been postponed to the 5th June.
Regular meeting topics, including:

  • Update on plans for the Chamberlayne Road

AGM Agenda includes: 

  • Welcome from the Chair
  • Elections:
    • Chair – Leads meetings and supports the committee
    • Secretary – Responsible for sending meeting notifications and sharing notes on meetings 
    • Treasurer – responsible for looking after Membership funds and expenditure
    • Environment – Broad remit, main focus to date has been on street trees
    • Planning & Dev – monitoring of planning and development in the local area and where necessary leading on KRRA responses to the council
    • Website – updating and developing the website
    • Social Media  – Maintaining KRRA presence on Twitter, Facebook and other channels

Do come along and take part.

Time: 7:30 PM
Location The Church of the Transfiguration – access via Wrentham Avenue
Date: Wednesday 5th June 2019. We look forward to seeing you there


March 5, 2019: Meeting Tomorrow:

Wednesday 6th March, 7.30pm. Church of the Transfiguration (corner of Chamberlayne and Wrentham) – entrance in Wrentham Avenue

January 8, 2019: Meeting Tomorrow!

Wednesday 9th January, 7.30pm. Downstairs bar at The Island pub, College Road

December 5, 2018: Next meeting Wednesday 9th January

No meeting in December. Location and Agenda for January to be confirmed

November 6, 2018: Next meeting Wednesday 7th November

Time: 7:30 PM
NEW Location: Church of the Transfiguration (junction of Chamberlayne Road and Wrentham Avenue), entrance on Wrentham Avenue.
Agenda items to include:

  • Community Engagement – Litter Pick – Summary of achievements
  • How we approach issues (update)
  • Ward Boundary review
  • Local events & Updates

October 19, 2018: Kensal Clean Up on SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER!

Meet outside Bel and Nev’s at 11am.



October 3, 2018: Next Meeting: Change of Venue

3 October, 7.30pm. Downstairs at The Island, College Road.

September 3, 2018: Next Meeting:

5 September, Downstairs in Maggie’s Bar, Chamberlayne Road, 7.30pm.


  • Planning Application for 114 Chamberlayne Road
  • Gas Works Update – They’re back on 10th September!
  • Community Engagement – Litter Pick / other events
  • Kensal Corridor – Community engagement for next Consultation (This Autumn)

June 6, 2018: Planning Application for 114 Chamberlayne Road

To turn it into a late-night, licensed restaurant and bar.

Brent Application Reference 18/1615

Object ASAP!

You can find the details via
And searching Planning Applications with Application Reference 18/1615

See these documents:

114 Petition

Brent notification, May 18, 2018-3

The KRRA meeting tonight was 100% against this.
The deadline for online comments was tonight.

But you can still make your voice heard by emailing: using the Application Reference 18/1615 as the subject.

Objections raised have included:
– Late night hours (1.30am Mon-Sat), and overflow from earlier-closing places
– Noise and consequent antisocial behaviour
– Accumulation of people outside, and congestion near the bus-stop
– Deliveries obstructing the pavement
– Parking – no space for drop-offs/pick-ups
– Litter outside against the bus-stop
– Noise of collection – where will the trucks stop – and when
– Potential for vermin/foxes in the litter
– Smells/pollution from the kitchen
– Smoking outside

No doubt you can add your own!

May 30, 2018: Chamberlayne Road project update

In May there was a meeting of the consultative group amongst residents associations. This meeting discussed the results and feedback from the consultation which we all received through the post. Below is an update from Barbara and Fiona:

1) 659 responses received with 80% in overall support of the proposals. Snapshot of Support comments: “New station forecourt looks great”…”Additional trees would be great”…”Agree with having bus stop and shelter for 302”…”proposed road layouts look really promising”…etc

2) 10% didn’t support the proposals and 10% had no opinion.

3) Key concerns expressed by respondents: loss of parking, road and footways condition, cycling safety, traffic volumes, number of buses and air quality.

The consultants and Brent are to further investigate parking loss, Buller Road Junction Design, Cycle Provision and undertake some Traffic Modelling and Impact assessment on bus journey times, road safety and traffic management.

I have asked them to also consider air quality impacts in their IA, as they indicated that this wouldn’t be done, as TfL hadn’t asked for the data

We’ll be discussing this and MORE at the next meeting  on 6th June.

May 29, 2018: Next Meeting – Wednesday 6th June 2018

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Downstairs at Maggie’s Bar, 102, Chamberlayne Road (near to Kensal Rise Overground station)

Agenda items to include:

– Kensal Corridor scheme update from Fiona & Barbara

– Gas Works update

– Community Engagement – Litter Pick / other events

It would be great to see you there and have your input.

May 28, 2018: AGM Summary

Our AGM was jam packed with an actual meeting, along with updates from the committee which are available online below.
Unfortunately the police were unable to attend our meeting in May because of a shooting in Queensbury . However, we did have a discussion around the points of concern and these questions will be raised with the Safer Neighbours team at the next ward panel meeting.
We discussed the pending (now current) gas works, and the extensive bus diversions when Chamberlayne Road becomes southbound only from the 4th June. See below for map and details
The new committee was elected as follows:
Chair – Rik Smith
Environment – Kara Dressel
Planning & Dev – Paul Wilson
Website – Mike Woods
Social Media – Rik Smith
Community Engagement – Vicky Zentner
Other elections:
KCG (Chamberlayne Road project representatives) – Fiona Mulaisho and Barbara Want
There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved – please do come along to our next meeting

May 27, 2018: KRRA Committee Reports 2017/18

Click to view: Committee Reports 2018

May 15, 2018: Update on Bus Diversions:

Now coming into force on 4 June – major disruptions on Chamberlayne Road:


Route 6 towards Willesden Garage
From Carlton Vale, right Premier Corner, left Salusbury Road, left Sidmouth Drive, right Donnington Road, line of route.

Route 28 towards Kensal Rise
From Harrow Road (Kilburn Lane), ahead Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, ahead All Souls Ave, right Doyle Gardens, ahead Liddell Gardens, right Chamberlayne Road, right Station Approach, line of route.

Route 52 towards Willesden Garage
From Ladbroke Grove, left Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, ahead All Souls Ave, left Chamberlayne Road, line of route.

Route 187 towards Central Middlesex Hospital
From Banister Road, left Chamberlayne Road, ahead Kilburn Lane, right Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, line of route.

Route 302 towards Kensal Rise
Buses are to curtail to Willesden Garage Set down at Stop on Willesden High Road at Strode Road Pick up at Stop on Willesden High Road at Willesden Bus Garage

Route 452 towards Kensal Rise
From Ladbroke Grove, left Harrow Road, right Wrottesley Road, ahead All Souls Ave, right Doyle Gardens, ahead Liddell, Gardens, right Chamberlayne Road, right Station Approach, line of route.

Drivers are to serve all stop on diversion (on request) and temporary stops on All Souls Ave.

May 7, 2018: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

By now you’re probably aware that new arrangements for protecting your personal data are coming in on 25 May, through the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
KRRA Privacy Statement re GDPR:
The KRRA keeps members’ minimal contact details (given voluntarily when they join) – their start date/email/telephone/address, in order to inform them about meetings and other matters of importance and interest.
This information will not be shared, sold or used in any other way without a member’s explicit consent.
Members can ask at any time to see their data and/or to be taken off the KRRA database and mailing list.
Permission is not sought to keep this data because it is required for the good running of the KRRA (‘legitimate interest’).

May 3, 2018: Good luck to the residents of Clifford Gardens:

At least KL permit holders are being offered somewhere else to park!


Note particularly: It has been agreed that resident permit holders of KL zone can park in KH and KR zones for the duration of the closure.

Here’s a map of the zones:


May 3, 2018: Bus Diversions from 4 June:

Looks like fun!


April 30, 2018: Public Meeting – ‘Knife Crime in Kensal Rise’:

Wed 2 May 2018, 7.30pm. Followed by KRRA meeting & AGM

A police officer from the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) will give us an over view of recent incidents and and wider view of the approach to tackling knife crime locally. Date: Wednesday 2rd May. Time: 7:30 PM. Location: Maggies Bar (down stairs), 102 Chamberlayne Road, NW10


The Agenda will include:

  • Meeting
    • Police update from SNT (Jessica Tregear)
    • Chamberlayne Road summer Gas works
    • Queens Park Day – Sunday 16th September, 12 noon to 5.30 pm
  • AGM
    • Summary of the past year – issues and achievements
    • KRRA Committee elections. Roles include:
    • Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and issue-specific committee members
    • Goals and ambitions for the year ahead

April 22, 2018: KRRA AGM – May 2, 7.30pm – Downstairs at Maggie’s Bar, Chamberlayne Road:


  • Police update
  • Gas Works
  • College Road
  • Queen’s Park Day – Sunday 16 September 2018
  • Committee reports
  • Committee elections

Note: Since the results of the Kensal Corridor consultation will not be available until after the meeting, this topic has been deferred to the next meeting.

April 22, 2018: Gas works impact:

Just to confirm – northbound bus and traffic routes will be disrupted in Chamberlayne Road from May to August! Includes a contact number 0800 096 5678 for any specific problems.

April 9, 2018: Cadent exhibition on Chamberlayne Road:

Cadent are holding an exhibition on the Chamberlayne Road gas main works (see March 26 below) on 21st April – next to Minkies Deli from 10:00 until 15:00.

April 9, 2018: Bus diversions this week:

With the junction of Harrow Road and Kilburn Lane closed from 9th to 12th April for UK Power Network’s essential work, buses will be diverted as follows:

Route 28 towards Kensal Rise

From Great Western Road at the junction of Harrow Road: ahead Elgin Avenue, left Shirland Road, right Fernhead Road, left Kilburn lane, ahead Banister Road, right Chamberlayne Road to line of route.

Routes 52, 452 towards Willesden Garage and Kensal Rise

From Ladbroke Grove at the junction with Harrow Road: right Harrow Road, left Chippenham Road, right Elgin Avenue, left Shirland Road, right Kilburn Park Road, left Carlton Vale, ahead Kilburn Lane, ahead Banister Road, right Chamberlayne Road to line of route.

Route 316 to Cricklewood Garage

From Ladbroke Grove at the junction with Harrow Road: right Harrow Road, left Chippenham Road, right Elgin Avenue, left Shirland Road, left Kilburn Park Road and ahead to line of route.

Route 28 towards Wandsworth

From Chamberlayne Road at the junction with Banister Road: left Banister Road, ahead Kilburn Lane, left Premier Corner, right Salusbury Road, left Carlton Vale, ahead Fernhead Road, left Shirland Road, right Elgin Avenue, ahead Great Western Road to line of route.

Routes 52, 452 towards Victoria and Wandsworth

From Chamberlayne Road at the junction with Banister Road; left Banister Road, ahead Kilburn Lane, left Premier Corner, right Salusbury Road, left Carlton Vale, right Kilburn Park Road, left Shirland Road, right Elgin Avenue, left Chippenham Road, right Harrow Road, left Ladbroke Grove to line of route.

Route 316 to White City

From Kilburn Park Road at Carlton Vale: ahead Kilburn Park Road, left Shirland Road, right Elgin Avenue, left Chippenham Road, right Harrow Road, left Ladbroke Grove to line of route.

March 30, 2018: KRRA response to the ‘Kensal Corridor’ proposals:

We hope you have all replied to the request for responses to the ‘Kensal Corridor’ proposals. KRRA have submitted the following, based on our conversations with residents and other interested local parties:

The Kensal Rise Residents’ Association (KRRA) supports the high level proposal for the “Kensal corridor” scheme, but urges the council to consider the following components in the detailed design phase.


Local residents are very concerned by the proposal to remove up to 16 KR spaces in / around Kensal Rise Overground station. The proposal outlines an improved Station Terrace street scene at the cost of Resident Only parking bays. KRRA urges the council to ensure the impact on permit holder bays is minimised by provision elsewhere nearby within the zone – which is already an over subscribed resource.

KRRA would support a root and branch review of the permit allocation scheme, with a view that fewer permits should be available to households than the current 4 + 1 (where the additional 1 is the annual visitor pass)

Traffic flow

KRRA supports the ambition of improving traffic flow along Chamberlayne Road – and associated benefits of improved air quality – which is currently chronically congested at peak times. However, the current proposal of inset parking, curb realignment and traffic light phasing is all dependent upon the throughput of the Harrow Road / Ladbroke Grove junction. The council should prioritise and focus on ensuring the junction is optimised to ensure that, with Westminster, delays are minimised and through put of public transport is prioritised. Residents remain “open minded” about the proposed measures’ impact on reducing delays and improving journey times.

Residents would welcome the opportunity to consider proposals which would see a reduction in the volume of through traffic. Current proposals cover local initiatives to encourage active transport and public transport use, but show little effort to reduce the volume of through traffic which pervades Chamberlayne Road at peak times.


Numerous local residents who cycle regularly along Chamberlayne Road remain concerned about the proposals for narrowing Chamberlayne Road. Although “taking the lane” is encouraged by the proposal (there’s little evidence to suggest that less confident cyclists will be encouraged by this measure), narrowing the road will also make it more challenging for cyclists to filter through traffic when traffic is inevitably queuing during peak time – potentially leading to more head on conflicts between cyclists and motorists.


Residents welcome more Chamberlayne Road crossings in the centre of Kensal Rise. KRRA would welcome crossings which give pedestrians clear and unambiguous priority over road users, but are mindful of keeping the traffic flowing and the associated benefits in lower emissions. KRRA would encourage the scheme to include the crossings on the bridge at Kensal Rise Station and the island slightly further north. The old pedestrian crossing is currently slow to change and frequently left to cycle to red after a pedestrian has crossed. The island is a pinch point which increases conflicts between motorists and cyclists.

 KRRA looks forward to continuing to engage constructively with the council and TfL as the project detail progresses.

March 28, 2018: And if that wasn’t enough –

We have been advised by Brent Council that Westminster Council have agreed to a four day closure of Kilburn Lane at the junction with Harrow Road from 9th to 12th April to allow UK Power Networks to undertake some essential works. Expect more traffic problems!

Westminster’s proposed diversion plans are below. However, these diversions may not be suitable for buses or HGVs.

150055816 – Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4AE (NM1034) amended

March 26, 2018: Gas Main work on Chamberlayne Road

The medium pressure gas main major works on Chamberlayne Road have been programmed to begin on 7th May and will be completed before the Notting Hill Carnival but Cadent need to excavate some trial holes either side of the northern bridge at Kensal Rise Station. The trial holes are essential. If Cadent do not discover a flange on the joint between the main that spans the bridge and the main in the road then the major works will be cancelled.

The current programme of works is as follows:

  • 3/4/18 – 13/4/18 – Trial holes either side of the bridge outside Kensal Rise station. This will require the pedestrian crossing to be switched off and replaced with two way temporary signals with a pedestrian crossing phase incorporated into the lights.
  • 19/4/18 – Public exhibition 16:00 to 20:00 at Hazel Community Centre.
  • 7/5/18 – 4/6/18 – Major works commence from the junction of Wrentham Avenue to the south side of the northern bridge near Kensal Rise Station. Traffic will be controlled with two way temporary signals, Wrentham Avenue and Clifford Gardens will be closed at the junction with Chamberlayne Road.
  • 4/6/18 – 18/7/18 – Works continue between the two bridges on Chamberlayne Road (Chevening Road to Harvist Road). A directional road closure will be in place to control traffic, Northbound traffic will be diverted via Kilburn Lane, Salusbury Road, Brondesbury Park and Sidmouth Road. Side roads will be closed at the junction of Chamberlayne Road as and when required and there will be banned left and right turns onto Chamberlayne Road.
  • 19/7/18 – 10/8/18 – Works continue from the southern bridge to Banister Road. At this time it may be possible to remove the directional closure and control traffic with two way temporary signals, it this is not possible then the directional closure will remain in place.

March 5, 2018: This Wednesday’s meeting:

March 7th, will be at Kensal Rise Library, 7.30pm. Main topic – Kensal Corrridor Improvements.

See you there!

March 4, 2018: February Meeting Notes:

KRRA – Meeting summary – 7 Feb 2018

February 8, 2018: Kensal Consultative Group:

20180125_Kensal Consultative Group_ Presentation_Concept____ Design

The proposals for development of Chamberlayne Road and Station Terrace.

Take a look – and tell everyone what you think!

January 22, 2018: Next meeting – 7 February, 7.30pm Downstairs Bar at Maggie’s, Chamberlayne Road

December 21, 2017: More on Clean Air for Brent:

Dear Friends and Members, As an end of year gift to you we are happy to say we have received the answers from Brent Council to the questions posed at our July meeting and they can be found on this page in the information on that meeting.

On the same page we report on presenting to KRRA and ARK Franklin parents and there is a link to Fiona and Victoria’s informative presentation.  Do have a look at it to refresh your memory on some facts and figures.

Local resident Humphrey Milles has made two very accessible and impactful short films on air pollution, researched with the help of experts at Kings College London environmental health dept, and with all info and evidence verified by Chief Govt Advisor Prof Frank Kelly. They can be found here and he is very happy for them to be circulated to anyone who would appreciate and learn from them:

We now have a presence on Twitter and Facebook so please join us, retweet, like us etc

Do please share any of this information with friends, family and neighbours who might like to hear about these issues, and possibly join us.

Finally if you’d like to give a gift this Christmas that will make a difference why not give a donation to a pollution-fighting charity in the name of your loved-one?  For example to give to Clean Air in London donate here, for Friends of the Earth donate here.
Enjoy the festive season and we look forward to making a difference in 2018.

Very best wishes,

Clean Air for Brent

To find out more visit our website:

December 20, 2017: Next meeting 3 January 2018 – Happy New Year!

December 20, 2017: healthy air – – contact on 0203 0305979 or

December 12, 2017: Following on from the discussion about air quality at the December meeting:

20171212Clean Air for Brent – KRRA – pdf document

November 19, 2017: Response to Brent’s proposal for the Chamberlayne Road 20mph zone:

KRRA response – pdf document

October 6, 2017: Two public meetings coming up:

Monday 9th October, 7pm at QPCS, Aylestone Avenue – Brent Connects. Including the Community Infrastructure Levy, Trees, Brent’s bid for the London Borough of Culture and other topics. See for details

Wednesday 11th October, 7pm at Willesden Library – Clean Air for Brent.
See for details

September 18, 2017: Air pollution in Chamberlayne Road

Has been recognised as a problem, especially for our children. Ark Franklin Primary Academy in Brent will be included in the Mayor of London’s air quality audit

September 14, 2017: Minutes – KRRA – 6 September 2017

Update from our meeting on 6 September – especially about trees, parking, fly-tipping, waste collection.

All the things that we all have concerns about!

And special thanks to Ellie Southwood for updating us on Brent Council’s policies and reasoning on these important topics.

September 8, 2017: Bulky waste collection:

Brent are introducing a charge for collection of bulky waste. Details at:

September 8, 2017: Sponsor a Tree!

Did you know that for £250 you can sponsor a tree in Brent? Details at

September 8, 2017: Cleaner Brent App

There is a smartphone app for reporting fly-tipping, graffiti etc. It is downloadable at:

July 19, 2017: Or is it?

Brent Council officials were unhappy with the signage, safety and staffing by Cadent, so the gas works have been postponed. Still chaos on Chamberlayne from Wrentham to All Souls due to the resurfacing. And TfL’s website is little help for bus users. Please tweet @KensalRiseRA if you can work out where the stops are and where the buses are going!

July 14, 2017: And it’s starting:

Bus route changes at

Good luck!

June 13, 2017: More Roadworks for Chamberlayne Road!

6/6/17 – 17/6/17 – Banister Rd & Kilburn Lane are closed for the installation of utilities for the Moberly development. Buses diverted – 316, 6 & 187. HGVs diverted away from Chamberlayne Rd

And there’s more traffic chaos coming to Chamberlayne Road from July to October! This time it’s Cadent (formerly National Grid Gas), who are replacing the medium pressure gas main on Chamberlayne Road from Wakeman Road to Wrentham Avenue.

3/7/17 – 14/7/17 – Valve Remediation works – There are two valves on Chamberlayne Road which need to be tested prior to the main works programme beginning. If the valves are fully operational then no further works are required. However if the valves are faulty then they will need to be replaced. This may require two way temporary signals for up to five days on each site.

17/7/17 – 22/9/17 – Chamberlayne Road will be closed to northbound traffic from Banister Road to Wrentham Avenue. Northbound traffic will be diverted via Banister Road, Kilburn Lane, Salusbury Road and Sidmouth Road. The medium pressure gas main will be reduced to a lower pressure to allow Cadent to work on the main.

17/7/17 – 30/7/17 – Carriageway resurfacing works on Chamberlayne Road from a point near Leigh Gardens to south of Trevelyan Gardens. Traffic will be controlled using temporary traffic lights.

2/10/17 – 27/10/17 – Traffic on Chamberlayne Road will be controlled with two way signals from Wrentham Avenue to just south of Kensal Rise Station. Wrentham Avenue will be closed at the junction of Chamberlayne Road and Clifford Gardens will only be able to exit left on to Chamberlayne Road.

June 12, 2017: Community Infrastructure Levy

Do you have ideas for improving the neighbourhood? Roadside improvements? Brent have funding available for this via their Community Infrastructure Levy.

See 00. Neighbourhood CIL Project Proposal Form 2017 FINAL(1) for details and the application form.

If you have a proposal to make and you think the KRRA can help support it, drop us a mail to

June 11, 2017: Brent Connects, Kilburn

The next Brent Connects Kilburn meeting is on Wednesday 14 June at 7pm at Queens Park Community School, Aylestone Avenue, NW6 7BQ. It includes an update on the Chamberlayne Road Corridor project. Full details: BrentConnectsJune17

June 11, 2017: KRRA Meeting minutes

Minutes from the June 7 meeting, including an updated Police report: KRRA-Minutes7June2017 (1)

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